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MalevolentWitchesClub --- 9 years ago -


Perfection --- 9 years ago -

Why would you call me or anyone out that way?

I want to support a local business and offer them an opportunity to earn money to feed their families.

Do you make your own clothes, mow your lawn, grow your own food?

Unless you do, you have no right to tell someone else how to spend their money. 

TexasOma --- 9 years ago -

Spring break is right around the corner - I plan on getting some neighborhood kids to come do some of the heavy work for me. They can earn money and I don't have to lift mulch bags.

Yard work -- I always hire it done. Keeps several people employed and frees up my time to read KU. :-)

........................... !!!!!!!!!!!!! and ???????? 

Four Pinocchios --- 9 years ago -

TexasOma --- 11 min ago - quote - hide comments

........................... !!!!!!!!!!!!! and ????????

Self-edited. Comment was too mean.

Why Cough? 

Perfection --- 9 years ago -

Self-edited. Comment was too mean.

See I do like this about you.

Sometimes we all need to do a little self editing - I've done it myself when I post something then think better of it.


MalevolentWitchesClub --- 9 years ago -

I've done it myself


SoupIsGoodFood --- 9 years ago -

Looks like Perfection got under someone's skin today. 

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