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I joined this crazy place on 2008-03-28, 14 years ago.

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I think the name says it all.....

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Texas Supreme Court Suspends HERO ordinance - 7 years ago

The mayor passed. Not the voters passed. The law is the voters are allowed to have a vote and now they get it.

New Krogers - 7 years ago


Texas Supreme Court Suspends HERO ordinance - 7 years ago

So if it isn't a big deal why did the mayor push through rules about it?

NYSE, United, WSJ - 7 years ago

And yesterday the US mint suspended sales of silver eagle coins.

Wow! Same sex marriage wins! - 7 years ago

So what does this really mean? 1. States Rights have been completely eviscerated. 2. Tax revenue will be increased thereby decreasing debt. 3. Socialism aka social security, welfare and ACA cos...

Part time care giver - 7 years ago

No car insurance or no health insurance?

Update on Tattoed dragon - 7 years ago

How is she doing now?

Losing weight... - 7 years ago

Interesting that the bike pictured in your beg ad is not even appropriate for the weight. No one would donate to a liar or someone too lazy to even steal the right photo. Oh and Sprokets in ...

Losing weight... - 7 years ago

Try contacting the companies directly for assistance. They would require medical documentation, pictures and routine medical followup.

Christian beheads jihadist in revenge killing - 7 years ago

Isis doesnt fear death or value life so they wont care. They will simply amp up their methods now.

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