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I joined this crazy place on 2009-03-02, 14 years ago.

» save TexasOma as my FRIEND - HOSER

I rarely post on Kingwood Underground, but I do check here once a day in the evening, so you can leave a PM & I'll reply when I get in here. It looks like KU is dieing a slow death thanks to the perpetual trolls and goofballs. I do check frequently and post on KU2, so you can come there and join & send me a PM. Or come join and make the KU2 board a friendly & active board like KU use to be.

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Anyone heard about this new place? - 265 days ago

I have! Pretty nice folks, so I've heard!

- 1 years ago

That's called butchering trees!

We need to revive this place - 1 years ago

We know of another place where former members are now posting. PM me if you're interested.

let me have it - 9 years ago

Ebola is now airborn and has arrived to North America - 9 years ago

2012-2013 Blue Book - resource guide for assistance and services - 9 years ago

Thanks, I have a new patient in MC that could really use some assistance. I'll share this info with the family.

2012-2013 Blue Book - resource guide for assistance and services - 9 years ago

The Montgomery County resources link does not work. Says 'page not found'.

I'm a trusting idiot, don't do the same- - 9 years ago

Want to buy beef directly from ranch/farm - 9 years ago

[i]For example, did you know that ground beef and hamburger are not the same thing? [/i] So question for you ---- is the description you gave for the processing to get the percentage of fat, does...

helpful information for perfection - 9 years ago

Spring break is right around the corner - I plan on getting some neighborhood kids to come do some of the heavy work for me. They can earn money and I don't have to lift mulch bags. Yard work -- ...

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