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I joined this crazy place on 2009-02-04, 14 years ago.

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You arrogant richt-wingers. You should tolerate my intolerance of you. Divide and conquer. It is us against them. Assimilate to be a tea-bagger, or obama-tard. Resistance is futile.

COYOTES ON KINGWOOD DR. - 13 years ago

All, let your cats out at night. Please. But only in this neighborhood, not mine.

As oil spills, BP chief attends yacht race... - 13 years ago

Don't be mean to the BP president. He's trying to run a company, yo!

Willow Creek Elementary - 13 years ago

I'm glad the mural issue is dead. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for freaking out over paint on a wall that's not even good art.

Nice job Mr President - 13 years ago

You haters keep playing checkers while this administration plays chess. I'm sure you wouldn't say the same thing if there was a rightwing nut in the office.

Texas-size oil spill right in our own backyards - Video - 13 years ago

Your BF's Dick and Bush got their fair share as well[url=]See?[/url] No its the fault of a dilapidated so called railro...

Texas-size oil spill right in our own backyards - Video - 13 years ago

lol. There's two of us then ;)

Texas-size oil spill right in our own backyards - Video - 13 years ago

What's sad is that no one cares in TX. Somehow this is Obama's fault says the next poster.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? - 13 years ago

I'd teach people about Jesus!!! He saves!!!

Virginia's Republican Governor Bob McDonnell has declared April to be "Confederate History Month," - 13 years ago

Oh pleeeeaaasseeee...Dumb topic!!!!!!! No it's not! There are many reasons to wear a sheet with a peaky cap and proclaim you are being repressed as a citizen of the third Reich.

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