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I joined this crazy place on 2006-12-06, 15 years ago.

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A resident of central Houston

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My second scam-bait - B3n Bruc3 the assassin - 13 years ago

For those of you that remember the previous "Nigerian sumbitches" thread about R0n4ld R1l1ng, Angela Mom2four boys said that her mother received a "hitman" 419 scam mail. The two discovered that it wa...

Nigerian Sumbitches....... grrrrrrrrr - 13 years ago

Happy: I think he stopped responding because he realized he would get no money from me. 419 men are part of organized crime groups, so flying to Africa to meet 419 scammers is dangerous (Of course ...

Replying to spammers or scammers - 13 years ago

That reminds me - One of my scam baiting accounts is a "catcher" account meant to harvest scammers. I posted the e-mail address in several guestbooks with the words "MUGU KEEP OFF" etc. (Scammers are ...

Scientology? Let's look at the man who "invented" it: - 13 years ago

Germany does not particularly like Scientology; it considers Scientology to be a business instead of a religion: * In 2007 ...

FLAGGED "GRAPHIC" post on previous thread needs to be TAKEN OFF - 13 years ago

"I think I saw them on I have not read all the articles, but snopes page reads that she was drunk and I am sure that is where that came from if it is not really true.....but then at the bo...

Replying to spammers or scammers - 13 years ago

Don't do it. All you are doing is validating your email address. They will then add you to a list of valid email addresses and sell the list! I'll add to this - Do not reply to them with yo...

New Nigerian Scam - 13 years ago

Yeah! Who let the Nigerians have computers??? A lot of people let them ;) 419 men usually use internet cafes. That helps them hide their tracks and generates money for the internet cafes...

Nigerian Sumbitches....... grrrrrrrrr - 13 years ago

I thought that I may get a response from the soldier if I make it look like 0lg4 is falling for another scammer: I met a kindly man named P4tr1ck 3m3k4 in the lobby of the Hotel du Lac. He was such...

Lady In Nw Harris Leaves 8 Kids With 15-year Old And No Money And Goes To Nigeria - 13 years ago

Apparently the mother is returning home: Let's see if this is the case.

Nigerian Sumbitches....... grrrrrrrrr - 13 years ago

I said: "As I am about to leave for Benin, you made me laugh. Of course I understand the meaning of a vacation; as the CEO of my company I can take a vacation when I want, eat foie gras and caviar wh...

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