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My second scam-bait - B3n Bruc3 the assassin

who's talking here?

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Vicman --- 13 years ago -

For those of you that remember the previous "Nigerian sumbitches" thread about R0n4ld R1l1ng, Angela Mom2four boys said that her mother received a "hitman" 419 scam mail. The two discovered that it was a scam, so no money was lost. I thought it would be interesting to bait the hitman, so Angela gave me the e-mail address of the fraudster. Our hapless heroine is Dr. P4ul4 Hutch1ns0n, a cheerful doctor who specializes in dental surgery, appendix surgery, and gynecology. She is the owner of the Hookinclaw Medical Associates Group in O-Town, Michigan. (In reality she is a cartoon character from a 1990s cartoon) And the hitman assigned to kill her is B3n Bruc3. * Dr. Hutch1ns0n - January 18 "Hello. I have a question about that e-mail that you sent to me. Is it real? - P4ul4" * B3n Bruc3 - January 19 "Very certain that it's real and don't joke about this ok." * Dr. Hutch1ns0n - January 19 "Man, my husband F1lburt is so paranoid. He would be nuts if he knew that you were watching us. What do you want me to do?" ----- B3n Bruc3 is using Gmail; since Gmail masks IP addresses I cannot tell what country he is in. Maybe I can coax him into using another mail provider, and then I can tell what country he really is in. As said in the "Sumbitches" thread, in a hitman scam the scammer will claim to be a hitman in order to bilk money out of you. See more details at: - Page 25 has an example that I personally think looks cool. I mean, that whole "Execution! Execution!! Execution!!!" wording and the skull are funny. 

Happy_Monkeys --- 13 years ago -

Oh GOODIE!! Another post to keep me entertained! Jeepers, I sure hope he doesn't kill her. 

I Love Horses --- 13 years ago -


Happy_Monkeys --- 13 years ago -

I checked the other post regularly to see how high Vicman could get those guys to jump. It's a sick sense of revenge for me to see the scammers get taken by a scam. My poor step-Grandma lost her life's savings by these types of low-life scum. 

Vicman --- 13 years ago -

* B3n Bruc3: "I want you to pay or else i might be forced to carry out my instructions watch your back woman" Let's see what happens if I act somewhat cavalier about it... "Do you have specifics on the instructions? What streets will you take? Will you raid the fridge? And how do I pay you? We haven't had too many visitors for awhile. - P4ul4" 

Gemini~on~the~Run --- 13 years ago -

This is getting good, you should compile a book. 

Discovery --- 13 years ago -

Wow, after reading through the material from that website, I'll continue to delete those messages and keep my distance from those people. 

Vicman --- 13 years ago -

I sent the assassin a Gmail chat request B3n Bruc3 said: "You are trying to trace me right i won't tell you when i will visit you until you can be able to send some money and how much do you have to give now let me know i have alot i want to tell you ok." And then he begins participating in the Gmail chatroom: " 11:20 B3n: Hello try to come online so we can have a chat soon i got alot to tell you madam" I said: "Okay, Mr. Bruc3. I'm all ears - What do you want to tell me?" 

Zionist NightOwl --- 13 years ago -

Did he say why he can't just put his fist into the chest of money and get enough to pay his expenses? 

Vicman --- 13 years ago -

Nightowl: He hasn't given any reasons yet. He just wants me to take everything at face value and give him money now. To the scammers, the fewer questions and lower amount of hesitation, the better. Of course, why should I pay a "hitman" that doesn't even know my real name nor my real location? :) 

Coco --- 13 years ago -

Awwwww, shucks. No new information? 

mello85 --- 13 years ago -

I love reading these. I do shipping for an airline and we deal with foreigners trying to ship illegal goods all the time. So irritating. These keep me laughing through the day! Please keep up the good work vicman 

Vicman --- 13 years ago -

Coco: Yeah - It's been several days and he hasn't contacted me again. I wonder why... 

$AshleyThePrincess$ --- 13 years ago -

what in the world are you guys talking about? im completely lost and it sucks cause its every interesting lol 

Happy_Monkeys --- 13 years ago -

Ashley, go to this KU link on the other scam. Vicman is carefully baiting this email scammer just to give him a hard time. 

mello85 --- 13 years ago - more scam baiting? 

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