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Lady In Nw Harris Leaves 8 Kids With 15-year Old And No Money And Goes To Nigeria

who's talking here?

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Vicman --- 13 years ago -

[url=""][/url] Some lady in 11000 block of Barker Grove Lane in Cypress in unincorporated northwest Harris County left for Nigeria, a country in Africa, without making arrangements with a sitter? Eight children - including a 3 and 4 year old from a working father - sat in a roach-infested home with no money and no toilet paper under the care of a 15-year old. In Texas it is legal to leave children home alone, but the state asks families to consider the ages of children and responsibilities. The 15-year old should not have had so much responsibility. The family moved to Port Arthur from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. After Rita the family moved to the Houston area. Anyway, this lady met the Nigerian man on the internet. Could he be a scammer? I know romance scammers from West Africa and Eastern Europe fool people. Sefviv at HAIF believes that this is the actual house in question: The house is under the name "Keith Hill" - The Chronicle could not reach him for questioning. 

Vicman --- 13 years ago -

I found more details: 33-year old Shanell Monique Mosley is the lady who left the kids behind. The guy who discovered the kids in the rotten conditions was... a man handing out a welfare check! - And the state believes that Mosley was unemployed. And CPS believes that she was unemployed. She left a Lone Star food card for the kids, but it had no balance. An arrest warrant was issued: The neighbor who left the two tots knew Mosley was going to Africa; he drove her to the airport. And they haven't heard from the mother. Did the scammers (I suspect it was a group of scammers in Nigeria) get to her? 

mykidsmom --- 13 years ago -

How long were the children left alone? Am I the only one who thinks a 15 year old could have asked for help from neighbors? 15 is not too young to be responsible for siblings for a period of time, how long, I am not sure -- under the right conditions. Obviousaly this is not the 15 year olds fault, however, I do think a 15 year old could have called the police or asked a neighbor for help if they were hungry or needed toilet papar. 

proudmomoftwo --- 13 years ago -

I would imagine the 15 yr old was afraid to go to anyone... She may have been warned by the mom not to, just a thought Very sad I hope she never gets those kids back 

Vicman --- 13 years ago -

According to the Chronicle article: * The mother left on December 31 * Harris County police made a welfare check on January 2 Also: "Her "closet and dresser were cleared of every single item as if she had no intent to return," the criminal complaint said." 

Vicman --- 13 years ago -

The lady who says she is the mother called CPS. The lady says that she is upset about how her plans to have care for the kids fell through. She says she is "trying to return to Houston" quickly; the Chronicle believes that she will not be back by her January 16 custody hearing. 

Ialwayswantedtobenamedsara --- 13 years ago -

this woman is crazy 

Vicman --- 13 years ago -

Apparently the mother is returning home: Let's see if this is the case. 

Vicman --- 13 years ago - Surprise (NOT) - The mom says she cannot find a flight back. I think that some "barrister" told her that a bribe needed to be paid. :) 

Vicman --- 13 years ago -

The mom is back! ... and she got arrested! And.. ""They were able to determine that she apparently went to Africa to get married," Legg said, adding that it's still unclear whether an actual marriage took place and if so, where the new husband is." 

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