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Kingwood Catfish Place closing

who's talking here?

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angeltree --- 6 years ago -

Thank you for supporting me for the last four years. I am closing my doors and moving on to my next great adventure. I just couldn't make it work any longer.

BUT, a franchise called Fish Tales is taking over my lease. They are remodeling right now and they use the same recipes and will be adding things to the menu, so please go by and support this new business.

They will be opening on Wednesday.

I am still going to help the angels on the angel tree that I have taken so far. I will post them on here and hopefully get them all taken care of. If not I will get my fellow friends and neighbors to adopt them. The new owners have happily agreed to still let the cafe be a drop off point for the donations and the gifts. The angel tree will go on.

Thanks again for 4 years worth of support and Please go support the new business. The young couple that owns it is wonderful and you will enjoy them.... 

marthas attic (Mod) --- 6 years ago - sorry to see you go..but good luck with the new adventures that await you!! 

whatchamacallit --- 6 years ago -

Oh no! We will miss your restaurant! You all have been such great members of the community. Thanks so much for all the nice things you have done for folks around here, especially the Christmas Angels! 

Melanie --- 6 years ago -

Wow, didn't know you were leaving but best of luck with your new adventure. 

Frio --- 6 years ago -

Good luck! Hope the new owners do well! 

justcat --- 6 years ago -

Is this the same Fish Tales from Galveston...(that is a Landry's tho)....
Good luck....I have always enjoyed your place !! 

freebyrdII --- 6 years ago -

Wow.... Just WOW! Genia, I'm so sorry to hear this... 

Laurabeth --- 6 years ago -

So sorry to hear Genia......good luck to you and your family. Take care. 

napoleon --- 6 years ago -

Good luck! Thanks for all you have done for our community! 

Banjos and Squealing Pigs --- 6 years ago -

Just a comment....

I don't know why most of the time I've eaten fish there, the edges were always chewy on the fish. I was not too fond of that. I don't know if that is a result of using unfrozen filets to fry or another reason but I hope they can fix that. I always like a good local catfish joint. I don't get the chewy edges when we dine at Catfish Cafe in Atascocita but that place is a bit greasy in the dining area. The food is great though. I guess grease is something you have to deal with at a fish joint.

Good luck! 

AuthorMan --- 6 years ago -

Where's my chicken and dumplings? :-(

Best of success in your new endeavors! 

SineadORebellion --- 6 years ago -

Oh Genia! I'm so sorry! :( 

path --- 6 years ago -

Our family is going to miss your establishment :( We really loved the fried catfish!!! Good Luck in your next adventure!!! 

Are we great again yet --- 6 years ago -

I offer something for you to consider in your time of reflection.

Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before he revolutionized the world by inventing and patenting the incandescent light bulb. Because of his desire to create the incandescent light, he was one of the most persistent people in history. The invention in which Edison had the most failures, the incandescent light, was one of his most famous inventions.

Read more:

I personally never went to your store but I can offer this observation.
I was at the liquor store next door to your place at 4:00 pm on Christmas eve. Every business in this town was closed and it was a mad rush for everyone to get home. I saw you loading presents in a car for a family with kids. A bicycle, other stuff. You looked tired and yet determined to finish your mission.

That said all I need to know about you.

iluvthebeach --- 6 years ago -

SSSC you are so kind to share this!

It was a great place to eat locally. I will miss it. 

Frio --- 6 years ago -

It will still be there, just different owners. Hope everyone will give the new guys a chance. :) 

Jpgirl --- 6 years ago -

I am sorry! I didn't frequent your place much- not big on fried anything BUT you at big in my book because after Hurricane Ike you opened quick Nd I was starving ( I'd lost 6 lbs by the beginning of Day 3) and you were OPEN. We ate a ton of food- Thank you so much for being there for the community!! YOU are an ANGEL!! Let us know what u do next! 

MonzaRacer --- 6 years ago -

Where's my chicken and dumplings? :-(

Best of success in your new endeavors!


3monkeysmomma --- 6 years ago -

God Bless you and your family. We will definitely try out the new owners but will miss you! After my mom unexpectedly divorced my dad after 45 years of marriage my dad, brother and I met there quite a few times for lunch and we have great memories of relearning our relationships there. Best of luck! 

Cajunmom --- 6 years ago -

So sorry Genia. Good luck on your next endeavor.
Razors Edge, you must be a yankee. Bless your little heart. 

angeltree --- 6 years ago -


angeltree --- 6 years ago -

Thank you all for your nice comments.....the new catfish place will be excellent, please support them like you supported me. He is actually a kid that worked for me and my dad when he was 16 when we opened the catfish cafe 11 years ago....he is married and has a cute little girl.

He had the trailer called catfish cove on 1960 and he just recently sold it and is gonna try his hand with this fish tales cafe......

He will do well and I am happy and stress free and looking forward to spending the holidays with my family!

I will post the angels for the tree this weekend!

Love all you guys and thanks again for 4 great years!!!!! 

My 3 and Me --- 6 years ago -

I am sorry to hear that. I wish you all the best in whatever you do next. 

itstxdaddy --- 6 years ago -

sorry to hear genia...good luck!!! 

sweetscreaminmonkey --- 6 years ago -

good luck.. i loved your place and how friendly it was.. for me i have to come from the woodlands but it was worth the drive for the chicken and dumplings..( shh dont tell bf he thinks i think his are the best lol).. i will stop by the new place next time i am in kw.. :) 

Sperry --- 6 years ago -

Hello Everyone! I am the new owner of Catfish Place, now Fish Tales express. Thank you all for your wonderful comments to Gina and I hope we can do half as much as she has done for the community. All we can ask for is one chance! Try our food :) if you look us up on GoogleMaps you can see the menu. Please note: use soybean oil to fry our food (for allergy purposes). Happy Eating and Happy Holidays!! 

Mabs --- 6 years ago -

I have a question. I was wondering when I saw the sign yesterday if you're affiliated with Galveston's Fish Tales? 

OH SNAP --- 6 years ago -

My mom tried it out last week and said the food was great. I'll definitely stop by soon. 

Dr Aborto --- 6 years ago -

Looks good. I'll have to try it. Here is a link to the menu.

Fish Tales Menu 

freebyrdII --- 6 years ago -

affiliated with Galveston's Fish Tales?


4leafclover --- 6 years ago -

Where is your place located? I have been in KW for 9 years and can't say that i have ever seen it. 

freshhe11 --- 6 years ago -

On Northpark, next to J. Christopher. 

Frio --- 6 years ago -

Where is your place located? I have been in KW for 9 years and can't say that i have ever seen it.

In the same strip as Gold's Gym. 

4leafclover --- 6 years ago -

passed there a million times. When are you closing? I would like to come by and try your food before you change over to the new owners 

freebyrdII --- 6 years ago -

Already changed leafy.... 

Frio --- 6 years ago -

It has already changed over and the new owners kept the same recipes/menu. Try it! You'll like it! 

freebyrdII --- 6 years ago -

same recipes/menu.

Who told you that? 

Frio --- 6 years ago -

they use the same recipes and will be adding things to the menu, so please go by and support this new business.

Genia said it in her initial post. 

freebyrdII --- 6 years ago -

Yes, I do remember that but it didn't taste like the same recipe and the menu isn't even similar. 

Frio --- 6 years ago -

Yes, I do remember that but it didn't taste the same recipe and the menu isn't even similar.

I had no idea...I haven't been since it changed over and was just going by what Genia said and what I experienced when Genia owned it. :/ 

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