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I joined this crazy place on 2011-05-17, 12 years ago.

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Massage envy Kingwood - 11 years ago

Well any attractive gals are welcome to massage my back tonight, I'll bring the wine/beer/liqueur and then compare with my experience at massage envy

Men - would you date a blind girl? - 11 years ago

I would, any time, would take her out for a nice dinner and music

Proud prom parents - 11 years ago

Must be some real proud prom parents out there, there were black high heels and black women's underwear on woodland hills drive this morning. Perhaps they should wonder where their daughters were last...

Craigslist items - 11 years ago

Saw this today

KMS - 11 years ago

I heard that a student has died there, any details?

What do you want for Christmas that cant be bought?? - 11 years ago

i would like to see most of the middle east hit by a large asteroid... for some final peace on earth.

Amazing evangelists are amazing. - 11 years ago

need more duct tape... must wrap head....

Quanell X - 12 years ago

he is a racist piece of trash, can't even come up with an original name. brings everyone down.

POLL: Best mid-life crisis ideas? - 12 years ago

lots of nekkid women must be involved, with them half your age

Bulk Meat-Save Money - 12 years ago

save tons on meat... spend $35 at academy for hunting license, go out shoot deer, turkeys, quail, dove, hogs. Freezer full of meat! whoot!

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