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Searching for Two Lost Labs Near Loop 494 & Community Dr New Caney

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a1579531uu --- 107 days ago -

Hi Folks, for those of you in eastern New Caney and Porter near the subdivision east of Oakley Elementary, we need your help. Tues. Evening June 6th two Female Labs (Molly) and (Coco) belonging to my parents accidentally got out of the house and decided to go on a run. They made it to the Shell station at Community Drive and Loop 494 (far for them) and were picked up. After two hours of driving around with the dogs trying to find their home, they were dropped off in a place that seemed familiar to the dogs but really wasn't...though they weren't far away just a few blocks without a direct route to get there.

We all, including the dogs, live on David which is near the next turnoff down (Keith St.). The only actual sightings of the dogs were that Tuesday night and though several caring people have submitted pictures, so far any newer pictures haven't been them. We've distributed flyers and went to the Montgomery County Animal shelter with no luck.

These lady Labs continue to be lost. Molly (Chocolate) is the mother and has a microchip. Daughter Coco (black) has a collar with my father's phone number and has a growth on her chest that was set to be removed this week which could be cancerous. If you have seen them in the past couple of days, or know someone who just got two adult Labs who look like these and fit the description, please reply, call the number on the collar or Microchip, ortake them to a vet or shelter where they can be identified. They are loved, well taken care of, and missed terribly. Thank you. 

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