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Elder Hernandez Remodeling

who's talking here?

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a4484271uu --- 1 years ago -

Elder Hernandez was doing a kitchen remodel for us and he never finished. He kept asking for more money and telling me to trust him but then stopped showing up and since we paid him almost the entire job we have lost our money and been through hell thanks to him. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN 

CavemanBarney --- 1 years ago -

Thanks for the warning... 

ProudTXN --- 1 years ago -

I'm so sorry that happened to you. Than you for the warning. 

Bliz --- 1 years ago -

I am sorry you are going through this. There are a quite a few bad apples for sure.

We need to share our good experiences with businesses who do what they say they will!

For kitchen remodels right here in Kingwood, I would recommend calling Predator Restoration. They do water damage remediation, and do a heck of a good job on remodels! 

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