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What is going on with clearing all the trees along Mills Branch and AcornDr?

who's talking here?

Vivian 1
Joe Blow 1
sdanielmcev 1

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Vivian --- 3 years ago -

Anyone know what is going on here? 

sdanielmcev --- 3 years ago -

North Park expansion? 

Joe Blow --- 3 years ago -

FTR Acorn Lane and Mills Branch Road do not touch Northpark Drive.

Since the answers here are a guessing game I will throw out more expansion that, if true, will probably cause more flooding in its vicinity. Sad enough.

We all need to put our houses up on ten foot stilts and no concrete beneath them. That way we don't have to pay the city's useless drainage tax at the same time. Switch to gravel driveways also. Maybe gravel streets thruout kingwood.


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