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Figurative Oil Painting Classes in Kingwood

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Debra 1

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Debra --- 5 years ago -

Starting May 22, Every Tuesday 9:30-12:30 at Kingwood Community Center I will be teaching oil painting classes.

If you are a complete beginner, need to push your painting skills to the next level or you just need a little art therapy, you?ll find this class fun and informative! I try to take a simple approach to painting so that?s it's not intimidating or overwhelming.

Working from live models as well as photos, you will explore techniques for capturing a likeness, handling paint, emphasizing the effects of light and atmosphere, modeling form and mixing lifelike complexions.

Regardless of how loose or tight, you want to paint, you will learn the principles of a figure and portrait painting. Instruction will include gestural painting, hyper-realism, discussions of technical questions, basic materials of paint, brushes, mediums, tips & techniques and much more. This class is designed for Beginners to Intermediate painters.

$35/class paid monthly (doesn't include supplies)

For Registration Form or more info go to

Class size is limited so you must pre-register. 

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