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Snow White - Free Tickets (Apr 20 @ 8pm)

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Pepe --- 6 years ago -

Two of my favorite actors are involved in this production. Tickets are free but need to be reserved, so I thought I'd share...

Click for Free Tickets

Snow White (for adult audiences)

A theatrical adaptation of an experimental novel by the late postmodern novelist Donald Barthelme, The Catastrophic Theatre presents Snow White, a contemporary take on the classic tale.

Snow White is tired of being a bored housewife to seven men, who ?only add up to the equivalent of about two real men.? She spends her days drinking screwdrivers, reading communist literature and waiting for her prince.

Apr 21st and 22nd are sold out! 

TinktheSprite --- 6 years ago -

Thanks. I sent the link to my DD hoping she can go because I can't. 

Pepe --- 6 years ago -

Cheers. They just released a few more tickets for Apr 21st. 

eterry2 --- 6 years ago -

This is a great show by Catastrophic. The novel was written by Houston's own, the late David Barthelme. snow white 

eterry2 --- 6 years ago -

I saw it opening night. It's always "pay what you can" at catastrophic. But, these are free. 

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