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Missing dog bear branch

who's talking here?

Valentine 3
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Valentine --- 7 years ago -

Shihtzu. White 10 lbs boy. Worried Family. Sandy forks/ Woodbridge area. 7138230353. 

Valentine --- 7 years ago -

Still looking. Please be on the look out if you're in the area. Very worried family. 

Valentine --- 7 years ago -

After 5 hard hours of searching, Ziggy found his way back home! We heard a scratching at the back gate- which he normally doesn't use (other gate was wide open). Husband went outside find a neighbor following him saying they saw him and wanted see if he got home safe. What a great neighbor. All the neighbors i met today were very kind and sympathetic. We have a great community. Thank you! And, btw, our gates will be locked until a utility worker knocks on the door to ask permission to enter. Not sure if that's how he got out, but it's our best guess. 

a5945261uu --- 7 years ago -

I hope all worked out 

Eliza2 --- 7 years ago -

We installed a double gate system for that very reason. 

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