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Chachi's customer service sucks

who's talking here?

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trailwoodmom --- 7 years ago -

I've said it before when servers twice took away my plate before I was finished but I'm sitting here at the bar drinking a glass of water while I wait for my to go order. The wait is about 20 minutes, which is fine. No offers of water, or chips or even a response to my waving hand after they gave me my glass of wine. All I wanted at that point was to pay. So totally ignored, except when they deliver my $60 bill. 

Valentine --- 7 years ago -

I agree that at their bar- it does suck. Maybe they need to schedule more people in that section during busy times. I've been pleased with table service though. Also, they went though a few years of bad food. In recent months though, it's my favorite place in the bubble for Rita's and fajitas. 

FANCY PANTS --- 7 years ago -

When we were there the other day I noticed that the hostess wiped down each and every menu with disinfecting wipes. I was so glad to see that they know how dirty the menus can get and that they actually clean them. The food and service were good too! 

Texas Lady --- 7 years ago -

I have never had bad service there and I love the place. I think we go there too much since they see us coming and immediately bring the ritas! 

Prolix Raconteur --- 7 years ago -

If Chuy is working the bar, he makes a mean top shelf margarita! 

Jpgirl --- 7 years ago -

We just ate lunch there- always sit in the bar area- superb service as usual

Sorry you had a bad experience 

RedC6Gal --- 7 years ago -

We have eaten there every week since it opened at this location. The service is on/off again. The only complaint I have is too many people are waiting your table...too confusing. Also, when your complete table has not finished their food, they start clearing and reach across in front of people who are eating. It's little things, but everyone needs constructive criticism. Lastly, they do have one waiter who has been with them forever and I believe also worked at Rico's....his name slips my mind, but he is so very unfriendly and always has a scowl on his face. Doesn't communicate even when you try to draw a conversation with him. He speaks English very well as I have heard him conversing with others. Hopefully, they will see these comments and make some adjustments/tweaks. 

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