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Lost white dog. 35lbs. Spitz mix

who's talking here?

Bliz 3
Retired drama teacher 2
jucova 1
Just stuck 1

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Bliz --- 8 years ago -

Bella got out last night from greentree manor. Please reply if you find her. 

Retired drama teacher --- 8 years ago -


Just stuck --- 8 years ago -

Someone on found a dog matching that description. I believe the title is dog found @ North Park & W. Lk Houston. With picture of the dog attached.

Good Luck finding your dog

Here's the phone # 713-553-6863 

Bliz --- 8 years ago -

Thanks for the tip JS ,but not my dog. 

jucova --- 8 years ago -

from kingwooddotcom

Small white male dog found
Found a small white male dog in Bear Branch near Creekwood Middle School. There are no tags but he is wearing a shock collar. Please reply if this is your dog.

Jul 5, 2015 - 01:44 pm 

Bliz --- 8 years ago -

she came home.. thanks for your help! 

Retired drama teacher --- 8 years ago -


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