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Center Stage

who's talking here?

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lizandmike --- 7 years ago -

Does anyone have any experience with Center Stage classes? Particularly for a 7 year old? Thanks! 

I_won't_tell --- 7 years ago -

I am also interested for my 12 YO. Thank you! 

planemom --- 7 years ago -

My DD likes it. The rehearsals are Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Typically there is a performance in November and either late April or early May. Auditions take place in August and January. There is a production fee with each performance.

The hardest part for the younger children is tech week. That week the rehearsals are from 5:30 until 10:00. If they are not on stage they are expected to sit in the audience and observe.

Kids are expected to attend every rehearsal they are scheduled to attend. Missing one rehearsal isn't a big deal but missing two or three can cause problems. No missing rehearsals within a month of the show and no missing during tech week.

Parents are expected to volunteer for 40 hours or pay an extra fee. With two shows a year it's not hard to get 40 hours. The most awesome volunteers are the parents who work in the dressings rooms. It's not a job for the faint of heart.

With regards to the director Barry Dean and the musical coordinator Carry, you either love them or you hate them. They have high expectations for the kids and work hard to hold the kids to those expectations. Barry has been known to tell kids during tech week if they don't figure out how to do their routine he'll replace them. Every time the child puts in extra effort and does it right. He'll also tell them the reason he is so tough on them is because he wants them to look good on stage. He doesn't want them to look foolish during a performance.

Do you have any specific questions? 

lizandmike --- 7 years ago -

Thanks Planemom. We're just wondering if the class is worth the cost for our new 7 year old. Your thoughts are much appreciated! 

planemom --- 7 years ago -

For DD it's worth it, DS didn't like it. For each production the kids learn a couple dance routines and songs. Most new kids are in the chorus so it'll be group routines. By the end of the first production kids will have been through the show 4 times on stage in full make up and costume.

Stage right is where I work during the shows. Keeping the kids quiet while they are waiting to go on is sometimes hard. They are usually very excited.

They do a workshop in the summer. It might be a good way to find out if your child has the musical theater bug. 

lizandmike --- 7 years ago -

Is most of what they are doing in class is learning that specific show or do they do other training as well? 

planemom --- 7 years ago -

Most is related to the specific show. It's not a dance class or a voice class. Auditions are in August and January. After parts are handed out, rehearsals begin. They spend the rehearsals learning their parts.

Have you looked at CYT? I don't know anything about it except that DD's friend likes it. 

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