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Kingwood AA Meeting schedule?

who's talking here?

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LSUfootball --- 283 days ago -

Can someone recommend how to find this? Or Humble? Thanks 

Aah Grasshoppa --- 283 days ago -

The center is on Russell Palmer on the left a little ways past the Nathaniel Center. 

LSUfootball --- 283 days ago -

Is there a schedule posted online? 

Aah Grasshoppa --- 283 days ago -

Not sure. I know they have schedules in the building. 

Warren Peace (Mod) --- 283 days ago -


FabFive --- 283 days ago -

Warren, that was probably inappropriate. 

Warren Peace (Mod) --- 283 days ago -

I'm an LSU fan and was born&raised in Louisiana. Within the subculture, it is not considered inappropriate to point out the role that the party atmosphere plays into long term problems.

I do understand that KU's sensitivities showcase a different subculture that may see it differently. So the "when in Rome..." guidance may certainly apply. 

Sinister --- 283 days ago -


FabFive --- 283 days ago -

I know your humor. It's a little twisted which is great. I didn't take offense to it, but someone who needs AA meetings or knows someone who does probably deserves some sensitivity. 

Warren Peace (Mod) --- 283 days ago -

I think you're right about the need for heightened sensitivity. I'll edit it out. 

java --- 283 days ago -

LSUFootball, call this number and someone will answer your questions.
810 Russell Palmer Rd Kingwood, TX 77339
(281) 358-5924
The website appears to be down but it's: 

LSUfootball --- 282 days ago -

Got it - helping a friend. Ha, who knew LSU would cause so much banter!! 

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