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Culvers coming soon!

who's talking here?

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magicmom --- 5 years ago -

Was told they are breaking ground in May and hope to open in August. Up front on Northpark. Not a fan of Sonic but love frozen custard from Culvers. Also love the cheese curds and pork tenderloin sandwich. :) Things I miss from the midwest. 

Hippiedippiechik --- 5 years ago -

Used to love Culver's custard where I lived. So glad to hear they are moving closer. 

TinktheSprite --- 5 years ago -

I don't want any more fast food chains here. :( 

Three Greens and a Red --- 5 years ago -

We like the Culvers here in The Woodlands. They occasionally have walleye which I love to get. They serve it as fish and chips or as a walleye sandwich. Both are excellent. 

freebyrdII --- 5 years ago -

Theres one in Atascocita. 

magicmom --- 5 years ago -

Kingwood is growing, like it or not. Pretty sure there will be even more things going in up front. I hate the traffic and we rarely eat out , but I will go to Culvers. 

Polly Ester --- 5 years ago -

I love me some Culvers. great fast food cheese burger...second to Becks Prime, to which there is no comparision but it is also a lot cheaper. I get the kids meal and it is more than I can eat. 

magicmom --- 5 years ago -

I used to love Becks Prime. Worked near one one in my past life (before kids) lol 

Jpgirl --- 5 years ago -

Yippee Skipeee- besides Pete's- it's the only fast food burger I'll eat 

~Jarina~ --- 5 years ago -

So far, I have two favorites @ Culver's -- pot roast sandwich, and philly cheesesteak sandwich. Haven't tried anything else yet, but having one closer will likely change that. 

TwickleToes --- 5 years ago -

We need a Buffalo Wild Wing here. 

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