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gena --- 11 years ago -

If you walk on Creek Manor Dr.Please dont miss the beautifull view of a neighbours junk yard...from his junk of a camper(parked there for the last 30 days),to all the other junks that he is covering with it..these are people who consider themselves worthy to live in a beautiful place like question " Why not move to the junk yard altogether?" also setting up baited traps for cats,another way of showing paranoia, yet the rats are starting to show up as the cats are on the verge of dissapearing...boy what a smart person..and this is a person who makes a living from the residents of Kingwood,great way of repaying them don't you think? It's true "THERE IS NO LAW AGAINST BEING STUPID", All cat owners please keep in touch and share your thoughts" what do you tink about the Einstein that lives among us?" 

SmoochieAndTheBean --- 11 years ago -

Sounds gross...but shouldn't the HOA be doing something? 

Half Off Yard Service --- 11 years ago -

ask him if he wants to be on an episode of Hoarders lols 

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