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Going to CHL class on Saturday.....

who's talking here?

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Froggie --- 11 years ago -

Any advise from those of you that have yours? I've been going to the range and practicing...any other input would be appreciated.

Oh, good morning KU'ers!!

= ] 

Bliz --- 11 years ago -

Drink some coffee to try to stay focused during the classroom segment, which is most of the time you spend in CHL class (topics include non violent conflict resolution, basics of the use of lethal force, etc). The shooting test is brief in comparison, and not very hard to pass. If you know how to load your weapon, are using ammo and equipment that does not malfunction, its not a big deal. The people who have trouble during the shooting part are those who have not practiced or are using a gun that jams and malfunctions. 

Chase --- 11 years ago -

Im a CHL instructor if anyone would like to get there CHL give me a call.

Chase 832-233-7937 

RedMulch --- 11 years ago -

Rot Ro....Froggies gonna be packin heat....... :) 

Tylers Journey --- 11 years ago -

Our air conditioner died during class so dress in layers and good luck. 

Froggie --- 11 years ago -

Thanks errabody! And Bliz, my handgun is new, no jamming or malfunctions. I have been going to the range and shooting very well (IMO).

Yep, Froggie will be packing heat once I have the CHL in my hands!! 

Defcon1 --- 11 years ago -

Hahaa TJ, that sucked!!

It was so hot in there! 

Defcon1 --- 11 years ago -

my handgun is new, no jamming or malfunctions.

Keep those springs tight and use GOOD ammo and you'll rarely, if ever have a jam! 

Froggie --- 11 years ago -

Defcon, hubby told me the same thing...he won't let me use "dirty" ammo even for range shooting. DH cleans it for me every time I go shooting too.

I'm excited...and nervous too, I hope I pass the written part. I'm not worried about the shooting part, I've been scoring 215-237 every time I've gone to the range. 

TinktheSprite --- 11 years ago -

Good luck! Let me know all the details of the class, like a cheat sheet. :) 

Defcon1 --- 11 years ago -

he won't let me use "dirty" ammo even for range shooting.

I bought 1000 rounds of blazer steel cased ammo one time, destroyed the extractor on one of my pistols. Never used that ammo or ANY with steel casings ever again.

My baby (Smith and Wesson M&P Pro Series) has never seen a crappy bullet, and never will, and she's still cycling rounds like a champ! 

Defcon1 --- 11 years ago -

The written part is easy peasy! Just pay attention, you'll be good to go! 

Froggie --- 11 years ago -

We didn't go to our class today, we got a new furbaby Thursday and he is to small to be left alone. I will let you know when it's scheduled again. 

Quicksilver Messenger Service --- 11 years ago -

Relax.....Relax....Relax.....and do everything your instructor tells you to do to the letter....if you have been practicing at the range and dismantling your weapon, and have confidence, you should be fine.....there was a guy in my class that had not had any range time and had a rented firearm....the instructor tried his best to help him....he let him go first by himself, but pulled him off of the line after his first shot was off by 4 feet high amazed me that someone would not prepare for such an important responsibility as having a CHL licence...once you have it.....remember, it does not make you a cop, and you are not an enforcer...pulling your weapon and firing is the last thing you do when all else fails... 

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