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Beans Beans Beans

who's talking here?

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PeopleRPeople --- 6 years ago -

I have a ton of dried beans. Black eyed peas, black beans, red beans, lentils, etc. They are really the only thing everyone in my family can eat and they are truly a money saver. I am just tired of having beans and rice with turkey sausage and chili over and over again. Anyone have good recipes that they have used? 

Tylers Journey --- 6 years ago -

Since I am vegan I have lots of things to do with beans. Last week I took a tortilla shell and layered re-fried beans, rice, black beans, avocado, tomato, salsa, put another tortilla shell on top and covered my husbands in enchilada sauce and cheese and on mine I just put a shell on it. I baked it at 350-400 for about 20 minutes. 

TinktheSprite --- 6 years ago -

I put beans in my salads, white chili (with chicken), smash 'em up and make refried beans (or not refry them) for burritos, 7-layer bean dip etc., And Killer Casserole:
any beans
cheese, corn, olives, peppers, cooked hamburger/ chicken etc., etc
Crushed up Doritos or any tortilla chips
Make a gravy:

Cream of Chicken soup (no diluted)
Cheddar Cheese soup (no diluted)
Picante sauce
Add spices: garlic, cumin, cayenne salt pepper etc.

Mix together top with cheese and bake 30 mins

Sorry, no measurements. I just toss the stuff in. 

Dorothy Parker --- 6 years ago -

go to, enter in your ingredients and see what they suggest!

You could get some good ideas that way. :) 

PeopleRPeople --- 6 years ago -

Sorry, no measurements. I just toss the stuff in.

That's my method of cooking also. 

PeopleRPeople --- 6 years ago -

ou could get some good ideas that way. :)

I know, I am just feeling lazy right now :o) 

qpc --- 6 years ago -

Crockpot Black Eyed Pea Soup 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

My dad use to make a simple soup but it was delicious.

1lb. pinto beans
A large hamhock (for flavor, I don't eat it)
Large onion
I can diced tomatoes w/juice
5 large cloves garlic
Half a bunch fresh parsley, chopped.
1/2 cup molasses or honey
3 c. beef broth

Put it all in large soup pot, and add enough water to go 3/4 of the way up. Bring to a boil. Then reduce heat to low. Cook until beans are tender, like 3 hours.

You can then put some soup in another pot and add pasta. cook until tender. Then cover with Parmesan cheese. Yum. Garlic bread is great with it too. 

RedMulch --- 6 years ago -

I heart beans........and they are good for your heart.......

bean salad...three different kinds in pasta with sesonings and veggies and either olive oil or italian salad dressing........


PeopleRPeople --- 6 years ago -

Thank you everyone! I will probably try 1 or 2 new ones a week. 

momof6monkeys --- 6 years ago - also allows you to put in things you have on hand and suggests recipes. Its a neat little site with lots of options. Good luck! 

RoseSr --- 6 years ago -

Minestrone soup is a good way to use beans (some recipes are meatless.) 

SleightOfHand --- 6 years ago -

The musical fruit! 

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