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Woodbridge DRive - Stop Sign Runners!!!

who's talking here?

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photo1 --- 15 years ago -

Many inconsiderate drivers run the Stop Signs on Woodbridge Drive. They use it for a shortcut between Lake Houston and North Park. There WILL be a fatality of a child or unsuspecting driver - if it continues. Help report these stupid people who do not stop when they should. HPD and the Constable seem to ignore this problem. I do not want to be labeled a complainer so I think that this can be an effective way to get the message broadcastÂ… 

d:-] --- 15 years ago -

Few people in KW stop for Stop signs. ... stopping halfway through the intersection doesn't count. 

Judy --- 15 years ago -

Why would you expect HPD to enforce, what do they enforce? 

littleshoes --- 15 years ago -

I agree about the stop sign runners. We also have A LOT OF speeders going down the street. The speed limit is 30, yet so many people seem to think it is 40 or higher. Luckily, a police officer sits on the road about once a week and pulls people over. I wish he would be there more often, but I'll take what I can get at this point. 

photo1 --- 15 years ago -

Yup - got an infrared camera for my birthday. Have been taking photos and videos for about a month of the stop sign and speeding offenders. Some of these folks have to be going 50 mph in the late evening or early morning hours - do not even attempt to slow down. Very interesting group of citizens. Not sure what I should do with this evidence - anybody have any ideas> 

cwangel --- 15 years ago -

Why would you expect HPD to enforce, what do they enforce? I have to say that my dh is one officer that sits at an area near Elm Grove and catches many of you out there that have run thoses stop signs. So believe it or not, he enforces the stop sign law-that is, when he's not busy with all the other many calls he has to go on!! 

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