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** Appliance stop working? We'll remove it for a small fee**

Got junk that's not metal that you need removed? We can help! Visit us at

Have scrap metal, appliances or car batteries you need removed? Read on :)

Stop junking up our landfills and let us recycle your junk metal items for just a small fee!

What we do: We come to your home or business and remove your unwanted/dead appliances, junk metal items and car batteries for a small fee!

If an appliance is still working, we will try to find it a new home. Otherwise, we first recover any freon the appliance may contain and then bring the rest to the recycling center to be made into other products - thus saving millions of pounds of junk metal from ending up in the landfill and saving our Ozone and environment.

Here is just a small list of things we recycle:

Unwanted or non-working appliances
Washers - dryers - refrigerators - dishwashers - stoves - toaster ovens - microwaves

Car / Truck Parts
Bumpers - Fenders - Hoods - Rims - Trunks - transmissions - engines

Car - truck - tractor - motorcycle - alarms - big rigs

Fitness equipment
Weight benches - metal weights - tread mills - cycles

Lawn Equipment
Riding mowers - push mowers - weed whackers - edger's - trimmers - metal sprinkler's - tillers - garden tools

Chain Link - chicken wire - utility fencing - posts - stakes

Misc. Other items
Playground sets - ceiling fans- bath tubs - wiring - filing cabinets - BBQ Grills - old lighting fixtures - metal desks - restaurant equipment - brass - iron - copper - aluminum (including cans) - bicycles - car rims.

Just about anything made of metal.

Serving the Atascocita - Humble - Huffman - Kingwood - New Caney - Porter - Spring and Splendora area.

Do your part to help keep junk out of the landfills and e-mail, call or text us to set an appointment. (Same day pick up in most cases):



To recycle your scrap metal - dead appliances or unwanted car batteries visit us at: JunkyBusiness.Com

For more recycling ideas and information in Kingwood - check out KeepKingwoodGreen.Org

We're not like the "other" scrappers... We are EPA certified to legally remove the freon from the appliances and we do not allow the freon to roam free in our atmosphere!!

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