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Kingwood Underground Tutorials

Posting Photos on KU

If you don't already an account, go to and create an account, its free, dont worry :-P

1. Once in tell it you want to upload a picture.

2. After the picture is uploaded, put your cursor on the picture you want, you'll see in a pop-up under the pic 3 different links. DIRECT LINK, HTML CODE, and IMG code. You want the one that says Direct Link. Left click in the link box, it auto copies the link.

3. Go back to KU's, 'add comment' box. On the right hand side there are 5 buttons to click on, click on the 4th one(Picture of shapes). That one is for pictures. A small grey window will pop up, right click in the url box, then left click "paste" in the pop-up. Then click OK.

4. The picture link will appear in the comment box, click "add comment". That's it, you're done. :-)

Posting Slideshows on KU

1)Go to your photbucket and under the slideshow you want to post copy the HTML Code.

2) Go back to KU and in the comment box, paste the code you copied.

3) That's it, you're done. Nothing more to see here

Creating a Hyperlink (web page you access by clicking on it) in your KU post

1. Find a website that you want to post a link to. In the address bar of your browser is the web address. Hilight the address by either a)clicking on it or b) clicking and then dragging over the address. Either way make sure the entire web address is hilighted. Right click on the hilighted web address and select 'copy'.

2. Go to KU and select either 'add comment' or 'post new topic'

3. Type in whatever you want to say, then you will notice on the right hand side of the text box, 5 buttons. Click the last button that has the picture of the globe on it. it will bring up a small grey window that says paste url link here. right click on that temporary address and click paste. Then click OK. another box comes up asking you for the link title. Name the link whatever you want. I.E. News story, cheap dresses, etc. For example.. clicking on this link will take you to the Kingwood Calendar page The name of the link will show up in blue, and when someone clicks on that title, it will take them to the web address you pasted :) Finish up your post then click ok.

4. That's it, you're done. :-)

Inserting Smileys

Go to Smiley Central and download a small program. This will put a small icon on your toolbar. Anytime you want to insert a smiley, just click on the icon, and you can browse through the smileys and pick one. Once you have found the perfect one, right click on it and select "Copy Smiley HTML". Then go back to the text box and paste the code in the text box.

Common KU Abbreviations

Here are some common abbreviations you may see on KU.


The "D" part can mean a variety of things depending on the person's mood, like darling, dear, dumb, etc.

LOL=Laugh out loud
IDK=I don't know
ROFLMBO=Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off
BRB=Be right back
IMO=In my opinion
GG=Grocery Game
KYS=Kingwood Yard Sales

^Posting pics from the web...such as Google Images...

You Tube videos...

You tube has changed their coding and links...
Below the video, click on the "Share" button, in the small window that opens, click on the "Embed" button and below the embed coding, be sure the checkbox for "Use old embed code" is checked. Click in the coding box if it is not already highlighted, then right click and copy. Paste the code into the KU comment box...easy peasy...

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