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Watch Out for the Velvet Ant!

Ok, so I caught a huge something (what I thought was the biggest ant I'd ever seen) on my back porch about a month ago and with a little help from the web, found out what it really was...a female velvet ant, which really isn't an ant at all, but a wingless wasp. Apparently, the females are the only ones that are wingless. What got my attention was the nickname they've earned as "cow killers" because it is said that the sting from one of these girls is so painful, it could kill a cow. Long story short....I've seen three of these things this summer. Two in my own backyard (luckily my dogs were unaware) and one crawling around over by Trailwood Village Pool. So you know, they are about an inch or inch and half long and red and black. They appear to be very velvetty and soft. The stinger was about 3/4 of an inch long on the one we actually caught and researched. OUCH!!

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