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BEWARE - Planet Ford, Humble

On Friday, August 29th, I went with my son to Planet Ford in Humble, Texas to have recall work done on his accelerator and ignition on his Ford Escape. When he was called to come and pick up the Escape, he was told that his battery was bad, and in fact would probably not start within a day. He was also told that they could fix him up with a new battery for about $150. He declined as we had recently purchased a new battery for the Escape. We took the Escape to NTB, where we had purchased the battery (a great business, btw), explained what we had been told and asked them to test it. We stood right beside the manager while he tested it, and viewed the testing results ourselves. GOOD BATTERY.

This appears to be some kind of scam at this Ford dealership. I had a similar experience a few years ago with the same Escape as it belonged to me prior to my son. At that time, I was quoted a price to completely redo the brake system for a price well over one thousand dollars. I declined, had the brakes checked elsewhere (they were fine) but did not follow up with Ford. As this would appear to be a pattern, I have decided to file this complaint at this time. I called the manager of the service department, but have not heard back from him yet.

There are many of us that are not mechanics and depend on professionals to steer us in the right direction, particularly at a dealership. This is absolutely unforgiveable. Perhaps this complaint will prevent some other person from getting ripped off.

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