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Help Support Baby Brandon's Family...

As most of you are aware of my little nephew Brandon, who was born 7 wks premature and then developed NEC disease, we are trying to collect donations to help his parents out during this difficult time in their life. If anyone would like to donate meal cards, gas cards, gift cards (amex, mastercard, visa, etc) or any form or donation for this family, you may drop off your donation at Merry Go Round in Kingwood, TX. These donations would currently help them with their daily travel back and forth to Women's Hospital in the Houston Medical Center and with meals and what ever else may arise during this time. Brandon also has a 13yr old BIG SIS and she is really having to be strong during this time and you can imagine being a teenager with so much stress around you and not seeing you parents much because they are up at the hospital as soon as his daddy gets home from work. I am wanting to take her out one day for her to make a stuffed animal special for Brandon, so if anyone would like to contribute a gift card to add additional funds for either "Teddy Bear Stuffin Shack" or "Build a Bear", that would be greatly appreciated.

Also, we do have a benefit account set up in Brandon's name at Woodforest National Bank if anyone would like to give a cash donation.

Thank you so much for all of the support and love that we have already received from my NEW friends at KU... I can't wait to meet all of you. I have met a few and you all seem so sweet and really good people. If there is any family out there that needs this support it is definately Brandon's family with each day being an up or down trip on the rollercoaster and their emotions are pulled in every direction.
Thanks Again...
Momma on a Mission

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