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Kittens - Looking for a great home!

The boys….Toby and Mack

Hi I’m Mack. My brother Toby and I were born in Kingwood to a single mom who some would consider feral. She is working on correcting that situation, but in the mean time my brother and I are looking for a place of our own. We were born on Friday, September 21st. Twins I guess, but we are not identical; we just have similar family markings. My brother Toby has short tan hair and a solid, stocky, muscular build. I am more blonde tones and would consider myself more average built. We both like to spend our days and nights indoors. We have been told that we are good listeners, easily entertained, enjoy TV from time to time and are somewhat night owls, yet can be early risers, but we are usually quiet when we get up early. We get along great together. One of our favorite things to play with is a shoestring and of course those little balls with a jingle bell in it. Sometimes we get a little wild and rough-house with each other, but it is all in play. I was given the name Mack as a short, sweet nickname version of a country singer’s last name, McGraw. You may have heard of him – Tim McGraw. My brother was named for another country singer, Toby Keith. We understand that these are good guys. Don’t think that we only like country music; we listen to anything but rap and songs with dirty words. We are just a couple of single guys looking for true love and a long term relationship with commitment. We would like to stay together, but will understand if you only have room for one of us.
For additional informtion please send email.

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