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Cajun Deep Fried Turkeys for Thanksgiving & Christmas - 16 days ago by HeavenMadeProducts - Reply

I didn't post a message last year because I didn't have any help and kept the turkeys to a minimum. This year I have extra help and I want to offer more turkeys for those who want the best Thanksgiving Turkey they have ever had. So we will be frying turkeys the week before Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will not offer turkeys the day of Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.

All you need to do is to get on and place your order. We will put you on the schedule and will communicate with you by text on when you will need to come pick up your turkey. All turkeys will be slightly undercooked and come with final cooking instructions for the oven that will take less than one hour in the oven and you will have a wonderful turkey for this Thanksgiving. One of the best turkeys you will ever eat. I have been frying turkeys for close to 30 years and have fried thousands of them.

A couple of years ago in 2018 I sold a turkey to a many who drove up in my driveway in a Rolls Royce who happened to be the nephew of Steve Harvey the comedian, he was blown away by the smell and taste of the turkey and has been buying turkeys and seasonings from me ever since.

We will have a limited amount of turkeys to fry this year so get your order in early to guarantee that you get one.

Michael Pitre
Heaven Made Products

Adam, Austin, and Kara - 29 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Asap - 33 days ago by justhanginaround - Reply

Need a good plumber asap. Recommendations pls

Pressure Washing, Power Washing, Soft Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Window Washing, Graffiti Removal, An - 36 days ago by Kingwood Pressure Washing - Reply

Kingwood Pressure Washing is Kingwood's #1 Pressure Washing Company! Just look at all the services we provide!

*Pressure Washing
*Power Washing
*Soft Wash Pressure Washing
*Roof Cleaning
*Gutter Cleaning
*Window Washing
*Graffiti & Paint Removal
*Concrete Cleaning
*Brick Cleaning
*Efflorescence Removal
*Hot Water Pressure Washing
and Much Much More!

**Angie's List Rated
**BBB Accredited A+
**Fully Insured
**Residential & Commercial
**Since 2010

Don't trust the Uninsured boy down the road with one of the most expensive investments of your life. Call the true professionals today!


Cash, Check, or Credit Card
Senior Citizen Discount
10% Off if you mention KU

Kingwood Post Office - 57 days ago by Luplup - Reply

Has anyone had a problem at this post office? Yesterday, I went into the store session of the post office to get a large envelop. My husband then took the envelop and addressed it while I waited in line. Then the worker, a male, came out and shouted at my husband stating that he had to pay for the envelop first. It did not matter that I was waiting in a very long line. It was clear I was not stealing the envelope, since I was holding in my hand what was going to be put in the envelope. I just wanted to mail something. I saw this employee do the same thing to two other individuals, while I was waiting in line. Really, I do not go to the post office to be treated so unprofessionally. No wonder the post office is in serious trouble with employees like this. I did pay the same employee to send the package and for the envelope. In my 80 years I have never encountered a postal worker like this.

Eagle Springs Community Wide Garage Sale - 58 days ago by a3861735uu - Reply

Eagle Springs Community Wide Garage Sale
Saturday, September 12th
8 am - noon

Over 160 homes participating

Maps of participating homes can be found on the Friday before the sale.

Adam, Austin, and Kara - 65 days ago by Edgar Po Wong - Reply

Draw a dollar sign on the floor with animal blood. Then repeat this chant 3 times, and they will appear: "Kingwood Underground sucks".

Planning on Studying Hebrew? - 65 days ago by Edgar Po Wong - Reply

Sign me up. I'm looking to change from Scientology to Judaism.

KU way better than!!! - 65 days ago by Edgar Po Wong - Reply

It looks like you got my point!!

There was no point to be had.

Fuddruckers? - 65 days ago by Edgar Po Wong - Reply

I heard they also mitigated their rat infestation, too.

So DONE with Suddenlink... Is there any other option? - 65 days ago by Edgar Po Wong - Reply

Sign up for Tackous.

Another example!!! - 66 days ago by Zapper009 - Reply

So much for that random thought...

Another example!!! - 66 days ago by Zapper009 - Reply

So much for that random thought...

Another example!!! - 66 days ago by Zapper009 - Reply

So much for that random thought...

I didn't want a record.... - 68 days ago by Not KU - Reply

As it should be


Do you know anyone looking for their dog s? I was at Kroger on LHP today and two large dogs were roaming the store!

Very friendly, well taken care of. One was a shepherd mix/ long hair-tail looked shorter than normal. No collar. The other dog was a pit maybe boxer mix red dog with a red collar, but no tags.

These two were bonded and extremely friendly, sweet dogs.
The manager at Kroger was keeping them there for now with water in the shade. Please spread the word! Thanks!

FUN for Birthday Girl - 77 days ago by Sonia-Threading-Henna - Reply

Henna Tattoo for Birthday Girl 💕

I am professional Henna
Henna Can be FUN !
I do the eyebrows threading waxing& party makeup as well.

2 br suites in H/K/A Area - 77 days ago by TheFallen - Reply

Does anyone know of a hotel in this area with 2-bedroom suites? I know that some Holiday Inn Express locations have them... but the only one I’m certain of is Conroe— anyone else around here?

Free COVID Testing - 77 days ago by a3037020uu - Reply

I'm not sure that having a testing site in our community isn't worse for those of us that live here. Isn't it likely that this testing site will increase traffic in Kingwood, and thus increase the number of positive cases that interact with our community (HEB, Wendy's, the Post Office, gas stations, etc.)?

Were any studies done with regard to increased COVID numbers in the areas that surround testing sites?

"One of the two Houston surge sites, with a 1,250 daily test capacity is the Kingwood Community Center, open 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday, August 10 through Saturday, August 15.

Kingwood Community Center
4102 Rustic Woods, Kingwood, TX 77345
Monday, August 10, 2020 -Saturday, August 15, 2020
10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m."

Sweet white lab needs a new home for FREE - 78 days ago by CavemanBarney - Reply

He sounds like a great pet...I can't take him, but I hope someone grabs him up soon.

Sweet white lab needs a new home for FREE - 78 days ago by a5023863uu - Reply

I am fostering a 2 year old white lab but he needs a loving home! Henry is a big 90 pound dog that is fully house trained, knows basic commands, is totally up to date on all vaccines and medical records (as of 8/10/20). He is very sweet and super gentle with small kids! (there are 3 young boys across the street from me that rode him like a horse and he tolerated it with zero attitude at all) He has never bit or growled at anything and just loves to be loved on and pet! He is FREE and comes with all medical records, leash/collar, and any leftover food he doesn’t already eat:)

Construction behind Town Center fountain - 82 days ago by a3997660uu - Reply

Has anyone heard what is going to be built where the old Chase building was Kingwood behind the Kingwood sign at Town center?

Purple Heart Day - 82 days ago by OrdinaryGuy - Reply

Yes, it is. Thanks to George Washington for starting an award, on this day, that will become the Purple Heart.

Purple Heart Day - 83 days ago by CavemanBarney - Reply

Today is National Purple Heart Day...


A big Thankyou goes out to all our soldiers today for their service to our country...Also let's remember our fallen heroes and our many brave veterans that served for us...

I didn't want a record.... - 83 days ago by OrdinaryGuy - Reply

Yes, it is......

I didn't want a record.... - 86 days ago by CavemanBarney - Reply


I didn't want a record.... - 86 days ago by SleightOfHand - Reply

It’s dead, pull the plug Adam

I didn't want a record.... - 86 days ago by OrdinaryGuy - Reply

nobody has posted for 7 days so I will!!

Town Center - 93 days ago by Joe Blow - Reply

Looks like you answered your own question.

Adam, Austin, and Kara - 96 days ago by CavemanBarney - Reply

You could try snail mail...
This addy is from the Kingwood Bookoo page...
248 Foster Dr
Oswego, IL 60543

or email...

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