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Aerial mosquito spraying starts tomorrow night - 6 years ago

I guess I should be glad i haven't seen the mosquito truck this summer. I'll stick with the lemongrass oil spray and build another bat house.

Aerial mosquito spraying starts tomorrow night - 6 years ago

Are they more effective than the mosquito trucks? Haven't heard one at all this year. Anyone know what is in the spray?

POLL: Death Penalty, regardless how its "exicuted" - 6 years ago

Bring back public hanging.

St Martha?s Catholic Church Donation Center - Woodland Hills Campus - 6 years ago

It just means they have more than they need right now. They along with a couple other churches are already sending out donations to other churches in the area. They really need cleaning supply donati...

Kingwood Relief - New Zello Channel - 6 years ago

There is a new channel on Zello (free 2-way radio app avail at playstore) specifically for folks involved in the Kingwood area to help facilitate our cleanup efforts. The channel name is "Kingwood Rel...

I got a wasp nest - 6 years ago

I've never had a problem and they have been a cheap, effective solution to pesky insects of all kinds. But yea, don't pop one in vicinity to a flame, gas line,etc.

CONFIRMED: Mueller Team Can Be Disbarred For Clinton Conflicts In Trump Case - 6 years ago

These Russian related threads against Trump are beyond stupid. They are just distractions to screw the rest of us. Trump's base support is starting to slide. He is a lifelong democrat. If Hildabea...

More Russian connection - 6 years ago

Meh, they are all doing it. Clintons, Trumps, lackeys, etc. It's a cartel.

I got a wasp nest - 6 years ago

Butter's idea works. I travel a lot and when I haven't had much time those simple foggers (pest bombs) work well for me. Maybe open up the siding slightly and place one right by the opening and then a...

Definitive list of Trump lies - 6 years ago

Nope, same world as the last 8 years.

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