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I joined this crazy place on 2013-08-31, 10 years ago.

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New Caney High School journalism and technology teacher.

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New Hebrew Class - 1 years ago

[url=]Lesson 1 - [/url]

Lord's Prayer Amidah - 2 years ago

This is a video prepared a few months ago for my Hebrew students looking at the prayer in Hebrew. Do you really think the disciples (Jews raised in and around the Temple) had to ask Jesus/Yeshua h...

Hebrew Lesson 2 - 2 years ago

Hebrew Lesson 2 Last week: You looked at the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, the Aleph, which is also called the Alef. The Alef has no sound by itself. The sound for the Alef is determined ...

Free Hebrew Class - 2 years ago

Hebrew Lesson 1 - Some of you guys may be interested. I am beginning a free Hebrew class this week. I retired a couple of years ago from education and spend my time helping people to read Biblical Heb...

Forbidden Scripture: Isaiah 53 - 2 years ago

[url=]Isaiah Hebrew Lesson[/url]

Forbidden Scripture: Isaiah 53 - 2 years ago

A couple of years out of high school, I moved to Jerusalem and became friends with the “Garden Tomb” tour guide. I visited him a couple of times each week and we drank Lemonade together in the garde...

Hebrew Class Begins - 3 years ago

It begins Monday, but you can begin at any time. Watch the orientation video. [url=

Planning on Studying Hebrew? - 3 years ago

If you plan on reading the Bible you should understand that most Hebrew classes are modern Hebrew. This is a short look at Biblical Hebrew. [url=

Origins of Christianity - 3 years ago

A new season looking into the common history of Judaism and Christianity. [url=]Jewish Roots History Channel[/url]

EASTER... - 3 years ago


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