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I joined this crazy place on 2009-07-07, 14 years ago.

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Cruisin through the parkin lot on 24's, Cadi escalade with the chromed out nose with a navigation arrow headed straight to your house where your wife really loves me cuz the sex is so HOT.

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Black Caucus Warns Obama on Jobs - 12 years ago

A lot of them need a swift kick in the butt and combined with the fact I'm not putting a business there and you're probably not putting a business there and Exxon is probably not building an office pa...

Parents: How would you feel? *school issue*See bottom page 4!! - 12 years ago

I let and encourage my kids to see all the dualing myths and superstitions as the perfect personification that THEY ARE ALL THE SAME in the belief that they are superior, which is in itself a neurosis...

California up to its old tricks.... - 12 years ago

doubtful..just cuz you hate the politics don't deride the success and more creativity, brain power and capital than anywhere on earth.

California up to its old tricks.... - 12 years ago

[i] housing prices have tanked [/i] I've got 3 in Cali. Bought in 2003 and they are still over $100,000 equity in each. Granted they dropped some but not as much as you want to believe.

Aggies divorce from Big12 - 12 years ago

It's been done since last year when Nebraska and Colorado left. Texas and OU talked dwith the Pac 12 and A&M said screw it.

California up to its old tricks.... - 12 years ago

[i]What does that have to do with the bill??[/i] what bill? California is starting to boom and the rest of the country always follows Cali.

Aggies divorce from Big12 - 12 years ago

It will be funny to watch them win the Big 12 this year and the very next year be bottom 2 or 3.

California up to its old tricks.... - 12 years ago

U.S. home values are currently at an eight-year low, but in Silicon Valley, it appears that the recent tech bubble could be creating a housing bubble, too. Money from the recent boom in tech IPOs a...

Take it down a notch? Heck no!! Ratchet it up a notch!! - 12 years ago

And they're off.... The leading figures in one national faction, 1776 Tea Party (the faction more commonly known as, were imported directly from the anti-immigrant vigilante organizat...

Is there somewhere that will help with utility bill or does anyone have a generator I could borrow? - 12 years ago

[i]not everyone that reaches out to another person makes a post about it. [/i] correct. but in the land of piety I've found that people need to be called out to ACT and that their "care" is dise...

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