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Parents: How would you feel? *school issue*See bottom page 4!! - 7 years ago

And not everyone practices christianity in the same way.

Boys convicted of manslaughter.... - 7 years ago


Portion sizes throughout the years - 7 years ago

We are a family of four. When we eat out, we order 2 meals. Half the time we have food leftover!

Middle school rant - 7 years ago

[i]There is no way that any reasonable adult would possibly think this situation is ok. Not after watching it happen with their own eyes[/i] If you are looking for reasonable adults, you have come ...

Middle school rant - 7 years ago

[i]It's sorta like going to the grocery store and having someone park out front, where people normally drive, waiting on their spouse. You can't go around them unless the other lane is clear and there...

Murdering 3 brings 90 days in jail and probation - 7 years ago

That is sick and sad. I hope the next time someone drives drunk these two idiots are in the path, not another innocent family. What kind of jury gives a "punishment" like that. Think twice about th...

*And so it begins, the yearly flu fear mongering. - 7 years ago

Keep in mind that after the flu vaccine your immunity to ALL other illnesses decreases for weeks- meaning you are more likely to end up with a flu you have not been vaccinated against (and the shots a...

Is there somewhere that will help with utility bill or does anyone have a generator I could borrow? - 7 years ago

Wow. I would be furious with my parents? Who does that? Do they not care that the grandkids may be without power? Call the electric company and pay what you can. They will work with you if you ...

Spanish Immersion at Bear Branch - 7 years ago

So how many kids were left at the end of 5th grade? Did anyone just plain drop out (not move, but just quit)? Were the kids closer because they had been in class together for all 5 years?

Spanish Immersion at Bear Branch - 7 years ago

Has anyone had a child go through this? Is it worth it?

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