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Holling Vincoeur

I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-13, 15 years ago.

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Disgraceful trump treason summit with Russia - 5 years ago

Mueller should subpoena the translator.

Moderators - 5 years ago

This time I did it. LOL

Russian influence - 5 years ago

Prolix, just say ?whatever trump says? it will save you time.

GOP spent the 4th of July in Russia - 5 years ago

Again, drowning in it...bestie you need to step back and look at the irony of all of your statements.

My Leftist friends .... (TRUMP is awesome!) - 6 years ago

Took 'em long enough...whats the next big revelation?

America has an effective leader - 6 years ago

I don't think its far fetched. Trump has a history of that sort of thing. For good, bad or otherwise.

America has an effective leader - 6 years ago

He's gone the first time he takes credit for something. The Donald doesn't share the spotlight.

My Leftist friends .... (TRUMP is awesome!) - 6 years ago

Somebody's got Hillary on the

SO Thankful that the US has President Trump - 6 years ago

Angry this morning?

looks to me like criminal charges are pending, hopefully for trump & co. - 6 years ago

It's not about trump, I'm speaking of the process. The president can be impeached, by the house, removed from office by the Senate and then prosecuted by the dept of justice. As unlikely as it seems, ...

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