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I joined this crazy place on 2007-04-05, 14 years ago.

» save Setta-Don-Naw as my FRIEND - HOSER

Photographer, Married, Mom, Happy...anything else you want to nice and I'll be happy to tell ya! =)

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can we talk more about the - 13 years ago

What I told Setta is that I thought Catgirl was trash or something like that, and I am trying to remember what else. LOL... When I find it, I will post it, LOL! FROM FALLO...

Does anyone like me posting this - 13 years ago

I think it's really sweet you are taking time to post them for everyone....thanks.

- 13 years ago

Go AHEAD, I will not have you holding anything over my head. If you feel you must go right ahead.... But you wont like what is posted back.... I have no desire to post your Pms to me C...

- 13 years ago

Now that I look at the PM's boxes I see where you can check the box to delete them!"seriously" never noticed that before..maybe had I needed to delete something I would have.

- 13 years ago


- 13 years ago

To post that obviously you do. Do you not see how disturbed this is? You rational is way off. And what the hell kind of a person saves their old pms? I send one I get one back I delete it. THat i...

- 13 years ago

Setta, i don't care what you, cowboyswife, Budder or anyone has said about me....i know the truth and that's all that matters...:) And so do I =)

- 13 years ago

if its the past how is it incriminating? I wouldnt be worried about the past its the now thats important dont worry cbw i know alot of people that know a lot of "incriminating" info on me do i care...

- 13 years ago

In particular ones, incriminating ones at that! ...hint hint...but I'm not one to share them...or should I?

- 13 years ago

I would rather have that thing chasing me than get one more mile long PM.... Hint, Hint.... I have a LOT Of PM's from past history....Hint Hint

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