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It's over - 19 hours ago

[i]Don't forget killing Cock Robin and sinking the Lusitania. [/i] Back to google for me. Have never heard of either.

Why Did Pontius Pilate Have Jesus Executed? - 19 hours ago

So can somebody stop deleting posts when people get iced? Are we really that delicate that we need to be protected from somebody else’s words?

It's over - 22 hours ago

[i]Can you provide a link or quote them saying there wasn’t any collusion? [/i] I’m surprised you didn’t take it a step further and ask us to prove that the report said that Trump was not involved...

Why Did Pontius Pilate Have Jesus Executed? - 6 days ago

Judas might have a credibility issue on this.

Baseball Fever - 6 days ago

I’m so not a sports fan. I barely even watch movies for entertainment. But $35 million per year doesn’t even put him among the top 20 entertainers.

National Emergencies Declared by Pres Obama and Pres Trump - 6 days ago

Illegal entry is the act. Walls and locks everywhere around the world are used to prevent illegal entry. This was not an issue until Donald Trump became President on the promise of improving th...

National Emergencies Declared by Pres Obama and Pres Trump - 6 days ago

Isn’t building a wall a way to sanction those who attempt to come here illegally? The coyotes will use this as a reason to raise their prices

The US is the only country not grounding 737 Max 8 planes - 6 days ago

[i]trump has brought on the end times. [/i] lol Pull yourself together ma’am. It’s going to be ok.

Faux News caught once again - 6 days ago

[i]Care to share some examples from non-fox networks? [/i]

***** b * e * t * o ***** - 7 days ago

[i]In 24 hours, O'Rourke pulled in $6.1million. Record setting[/i] White privilege? Or am I thinking of a different election? I do remember when having access to money was a bad thing. Amazing w...

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