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small handed cheetoh

I joined this crazy place on 2016-11-11, 2 years ago.

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I love my rallies. Big rallies. Famous rallies. Adoration rallies. I am great. Really great. Better than great. The greatest. #allhailme

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All democrats vote against "Born Alive" abortion bill - 13 days ago

I was a democrat, you know. My whole life. I am pro choice. I do what I want. You do whatever I tell you. I want a wall. Americans will pay for my big, tall, hard wall. I love to waste money. Sig...


Here is another cult follower. They luv me. They luv my abilities. I be best. I be great. I be one with my lies. Signed, DJT

Trump doesn't believe in the Balance of Power - 13 days ago

You are my cult. I am a cult. I behave cultlike. Bow down and bend over, my followers. Signed, DJT

Tucker Carlson defends child rape on audio recording - 13 days ago

I defend Tucker Carlson. I luv Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson luvs me. Signed, DJT

"Be Best" BS - 13 days ago

Wifey modeled this topic after me. I be best. Signed, DJT

Atheists have higher IQs - 13 days ago

I despise religion. I hate church. I fool the pro-lifers. I am an atheist. I have a high IQ. Thank you for proving it with this post topic. Signed, DJT

Dumpty's talks with his BFF Kim FAIL - 13 days ago

[i]You inability to understand economics, the economy, the Bush years, recession, recovery blah blah blah is your issue, not mine. [/i] I studied math in 2nd grade. I know it all. I know econ...

Moderators - 249 days ago

I am so happy! All my foes are in the icebox where they belong. It's as cold as Siberia in there. This message board is great! The moderators are great! They all support my agenda and silence the op...

TRUMP is AWESOME!!! - 249 days ago

[i]TRUMP is AWESOME!!![/i] Yes I am! I am great! I am the best! Signed, DJT [img][/img]

me & putin are one - 249 days ago

Here you go, sweetcakes. Signed, DJT [img][/img]

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