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Prolix Raconteur

I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-19, 5 years ago.

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Trumpty to Pardon Criminals Guilty of Murder - 5 hours ago

LOL....Let me call a Waaaamubulance for you babies. Do your homework on Eddie Gallagher, instead of reading CNN, Buzzfeed etc. Guy is a hero and deserves the pardon he's hopefully getting and a wh...

How Trump Saved The Economy - 10 hours ago

Corporate tax cuts + massive industry deregulation = booming economy (including mfg) High corporate taxes + ever expanding regulations = economic stranglehold (less mfg)

Trumpty to Pardon Criminals Guilty of Murder - 1 days ago


The latest Immigration Plan - 4 days ago

It's the same immigration policy used in Canada, The UK, Australia, Japan etc; an immigration plan that actually benefits the country, not straddles us with uneducated lifetime welfare cases.

Interesting Article Regarding Elm Grove Flooding - 6 days ago

True. I'm speaking of folks who live in the 500 year flood plain, which is most of the Houston metro area. Anyone still living in a 100 year flood plain will obviously pay more. HINT: Move!

Interesting Article Regarding Elm Grove Flooding - 7 days ago

Flood insurance is just over $400/year. Totally worth it if you live in Houston or the surrounding area.

Mission Accomplished - 8 days ago

Alyssa Milano gives Alexandria Occasional-Cortex a run for her money when it comes to saying really dumb things.

Interesting Article Regarding Elm Grove Flooding - 11 days ago

Dang!?! Someone's gonna pay big time for that.

Vladdie and the Man in DC - 12 days ago

More TDS rage on display. HAHAHA..

I am a Proud Obstructionist - 12 days ago

[i]Manufacturing jobs have not returned. I really feel for you all. [/i] Poor zandt. Kid never had a chance with this mom! Derp.. Damn?! talk about willful ignorance LOL...Manufacturing is boomi...

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