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I joined this crazy place on 2012-12-02, 6 years ago.

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trump tax scam - 10 hours ago

Still waiting Fuzzball... I'm going to bump this everyday until you respond.

It's over - 10 hours ago

Mark, go cry in your safe space. You loser demoRats have failed at everything positive for America. Meanwhile, President Trump raises America up. Take a hike with your fake outrage and hate. You a...

Lori Laughlin Rejects Plea Deal/ Pleads Innocent - 10 hours ago

I never got my Aunt Becky seduces nephew porn, so **** her!

This is where the Democrats are going! - 21 hours ago

It's only about votes. That's the only reason demoRats act like they care about illegals. Their followers are just so brain dead they can't figure it out.

trump tax scam - 1 days ago

Hey Fuzz where is your response? I'm waiting for you Mr. Potato Head.

PRAYERS for our Beloved Catholic Cathedral in Paris!!!! - 1 days ago

[i]The public's private donations should be paying for the 3 black churches that were burned down by terrorism in Louisiana. [/i] What about the countless ones in Europe vandalized and burned. I'm ...

PRAYERS for our Beloved Catholic Cathedral in Paris!!!! - 2 days ago

I wonder if it was intentional arson. I wouldn't be surprised if the government over there tries to link it to the Yellow Vest movement.

trump tax scam - 2 days ago

Fuzz doesn't even realize less is getting taken out of paychecks SMH.

LET's STOP USING every version of hyphenated AMERICAN!!! - 3 days ago

If you were born here you aren't African-American or Mexican-American.You are of the descent of the country your ancestors came from. I'm American, of Irish descent. American comes first for us proud ...

President Trump back the democrats and sanctuary cities/states into a corner. - 3 days ago

DemoRats (communist scum) want illegals for votes and this just proves it even more.

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