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I joined this crazy place on 2011-12-11, 6 years ago.

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Crime in Kingwood, Part Deux - 5 years ago

Lmao :) So very glad it is safe. Still not letting my kids walk. One psycho visiting down the street is all it takes :-/ And... Gasp... I don't let them use public restrooms alone either!

Labor Induction for Convenience - 5 years ago

As long as the baby is to term I don't see a problem with it.

I Went To Wally World Today... - 5 years ago

Mayr his momma likes him to do it :-) Who knows? Lol... I think he is cool!

head lice - 6 years ago

Google it! Tons of natural recipes out there. Also, any live lice will die within 24 hours without a host. Treat his head and go stay with a relative. Bag everything else up so the nits won't make...

Kingwood Woman Loses Home For Not Paying HOA Dues - 6 years ago

Our HOA has a meeting every month. They are posted theoughout the neighborhood. They always post budget, estimates for needed work they have reviewed from companies, and vote. They encourage very o...

Pillow! - 6 years ago

I recently ordered "My Pillow" from the informercial. I will let you know how it goes :)

Stupid parents raise stupid kids - 6 years ago

I see your point Omar. And, your odds are probably right. My kids are the absolute most precious things in the world to me. I don't care If the odds are 1: 1,000,000,000. Somebody is going to be t...

Stupid parents raise stupid kids - 6 years ago

Absolutely, positively, no way my kids are walking or riding their bike to school. Never happening! Oh, and they aren't fat :-)

Willow Creek - 6 years ago

I completely understand a teacher being annoyed about changing grade levels when so much has been invested, but I don't really understand why parents should have any say in where a principal places he...

Northeast Christian Academy - 6 years ago

He just started this year in second grade :-)

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