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Joe Blow

I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-19, 7 years ago.

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Trumpty become unhinged - 39 days ago

PS: cofefe LMFAO

Trumpty become unhinged - 39 days ago

Or should I state CONTINUES to be unhinged. LMFAO "THERE WAS NO COLLUSION" tweet in caps. LMFAO Just more smock and mirrors. LMFAO Meanwhile we have Jared and Ivanka Baby schmoozing up to ...

Old sayings - 39 days ago

[i]Don't act like white trash. [/i] LMFAO

Estados Unidos - 51 days ago


Fake News VS Journalism - 51 days ago

Fake News > Faux News > FOX Opinion. Fox admits they're not news and only opinion. It's the Fox listeners that are fooled/fools. LMFAO

CURIOUS KIDS LEARNING CENTER is hosting 3 Parents Night Outs! - 51 days ago

[i]Stupid question. It's CHRISTMAS time, that's why. [/i] Stupid response. It's Christmas only for Christians. Feeling that everyone should think and act like you is the definition of bigotry. ...

Woodstream Forest Wed Night 11:50 PM - 52 days ago

Tuesday night.

Mass shooting question - 52 days ago

[i]Why is it when mass shootings with non "assault" rifle guns are used, you hear crickets around here?[/i] Only because I was on holiday. I'm back! All GUNS FN SUCK. All guns are made to kill ...

CURIOUS KIDS LEARNING CENTER is hosting 3 Parents Night Outs! - 52 days ago

[i]Kids will watch a Christmas movie,[/i] What if they're not a christian? Will there be alt movies for Jewish and Muslim children? Valid question.

Fake News VS Journalism - 52 days ago

You got to love the lady who is masquerading as a handy GUY on here. LMFAO

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