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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 8 years ago.

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Lucky for your eyes!! Lol

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Last week on "KU petty moderators" - 1 days ago

LOL. Just lol.

Let's hear it - 3 days ago

Here's some! [url=]oldie but goodie![/url]

Big City Wings - 4 days ago

Emp, we have multiple steakhouses around: Outback, Salt grass, Texas Roadhouse, and a couple more. They aren't white table cloth but they aren't cheap either....I don't think people will pay $40 for a...

Protest meeting for new marina - 4 days ago

And Woodland Hills is a tiny little two lane street. That would all be torn out and 4 lane road put in there... Why not build this is Galveston or somewhere?? I mean who is going to rent a boat sto...

Protest meeting for new marina - 4 days ago

For those truly interested, just a reminder, this development is almost 3 times the size of Deerbrook Mall. Can you even imagine having something like that come in behind your home!?

Protest meeting for new marina - 4 days ago

Please send protest letters to these folks. Keep it short and to the point. Jan 29th is the deadline! NOW is the time to say something! Don't forget the file # if sending to the Corps. They won't kn...

Protest meeting for new marina - 4 days ago

Joelle, the woman running the meeting must be very close to you bc she said the same thing... The whole point of The Livable Forest, IS the forest aspect. I don't think anyone supports this who act...

Protest meeting for new marina - 5 days ago

I was at the meeting. These developers are nuts. These guys are billionaires and think building a huge retail monstrosity in the middle of a tiny residential community is a good idea? There are s...

The wall is a metaphor for trumps penis - 6 days ago

KU’s resident penis expert?? LOL. You’re so transparent...but what are your qualifications Oh Oz??

Now, here's an immigration issue!! - 7 days ago

Did you know there have been thousands of requests by men to bring in underage female child brides?? And they allow it. Hard to believe but TRUE, it's happening. And it's disgusting. .[url=https:...

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