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Let Logic Prevail

I joined this crazy place on 2010-04-26, 8 years ago.

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Mueller Report Going to Congress Mid April - 19 days ago

Why the delay? What do they hope to hide between now and then?

Why Did Pontius Pilate Have Jesus Executed? - 28 days ago

[i]Credibility issue?? That's putting it mildly. He comes on just to get iced. [/i] This, too, was from the History Channel. I had read the articles before he posted them here. There are a numb...

***** b * e * t * o ***** - 28 days ago

I prefer Beto over Warren or Bernie, by far.

The Gospel of Judas - 28 days ago

[i]There's only one true Gospel [/i] Regardless, I saw what he posted yesterday. It was from the History Channel and was a legitimate post. You didn't even bother to read it, did you? It's ...

The US is the only country not grounding 737 Max 8 planes - 35 days ago

Well, it's about time. We used to be a leader. Now with Trump we are just a follower. Trump announced a short time ago that the U.S. will ground Boeing 737 Max planes after the crash of Et...

The US is the only country not grounding 737 Max 8 planes - 35 days ago

[i]he US is the only country not grounding 737 Max 8 planes[/i] Because money precedes logic with this administration. Trump probably owns Boeing stock.

Trump's Real World - 41 days ago

Biggest accomplishment to date: Most indictments of any administration.

Big City Wings - 41 days ago

We've gone there for the Two for Tuesdays a number of times. The product (we only order wings) was inconsistent. This week's issue: You can order just drums or flats. This must cause an imbalanc...

"Be Best" BS - 41 days ago

Slogans should use proper English especially when originating from the White House. Oh, wait....

How's the lesser tax refund working for you? - 65 days ago

Average tax refunds were down last week 8.4 percent for the first week of the tax season over the same time last year, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Dipping refunds are inflaming a growin...

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