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I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-16, 6 years ago.

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Loud Boom just north of Elm Grove - 226 days ago

Stupid kids in the woods down end of Village Springs smoking pot blew something up. Someone got hurt they all took off one was screaming about his hand.

Elm Grove HOA - 330 days ago

Elm Grove HOA Sent us a letter telling us to move a bb goal ! We do have one never had one! My kids are adults not living at home. There was one in front of my neighbors next door wasn't his either be...

Angelina Jolie Pitt Op-Ed: Because of a genetic mutation, I have had my ovaries removed. - 1 years ago

The testing is blood and or a spit test. Everyone has the brca 1& 2 genes just some of us have a mutation or piece along our DNA that is broken. It is not "just " the breast cancer gene. But yes wom...

POLL: Lincoln or Cadillac - 1 years ago

I have a new cts vsport 2014 It is perfect fully loaded and I love it! It sexy sporty and sleek! Oh and extremely fast. I compared it to the other of its class before buying it out classed them all!...

Shower at bedtime - 1 years ago

The lack of people's personal hygiene shocks me! Esp if you are married getting into bed with your partner and not having showered ew just gross. I do not understand not having any personal pride in ...

Brickhouse Tavern is a GO ! - 1 years ago

Chain restaurant food is not cooked fresh mostly pre made frozen where "cooks" heat it up and serve.

What is your favorite leftover turkey recipe? - 1 years ago

Turkey tamales

Recommendations for fried turkeys ?? Thanksgiving day pickup - 1 years ago

Buy a fryer frying a turkey is so easy! I have the butterball electric indoor fryer I fry at least 4 each thanksgivining

POLL: For discussion sakes KU, lets get something strait - 1 years ago

Nice jobs mods! Jumping on the band wagon of let's make this guy feel like a idiot.

Pros and Cons of paying off your house - 1 years ago

House rich cash poor? If you pay off your house you just freed up some cash every month! Be smart take that exact payment and invest.

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