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I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-16, 5 years ago.

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Protesting your property taxes - advice needed - 243 days ago

You can go online and protest do not need a company. I did it three years ago. It easy not a big deal at all. They raised ours after we put a pool in. They lowered it to what I believed it sho...

Have you ever made dog treats? - 250 days ago

I make sweet potato treats Our doggs love them

Cardiologist Recommendations??? - 256 days ago

Dr lieber is the best in kingwood

Headache - 262 days ago

I uses to suffer from migraines til I went on topomax. Now I never get them at all. I was getting them once a week missing work. Prevents them best thing ever!!!!

POLL: Have you had Lasik Eye Surgery? - 271 days ago

I had it done 13 years ago best thing ever 20/20 still. But I also had mine done in Venezuela for 900 both eyes! Omg@the flap thing please too funny.

Anyone getting pics of the protest at KW drive and WLH? - 275 days ago

The reason no one knew about Venezuela is because it is on media blackout!the govt controls everything! The locals have been trying to get videos out via twitter utube etc....this has been happening f...

I don't understand Ku2 - 290 days ago

Lol@ ak thinking someone is stalking her.

Best Tex-Mex in Kingwood? - 306 days ago

Omg el charro lol that is no better than taco bell gross same with el ranchero

Mayor of Houston - 312 days ago

[i] I could care less if the fat you knw whats got married. Could care less they are gay or anything else.. [/i] Rude comment Her size has nothing to do her adgenda

Steamboat Steakhouse - 313 days ago

It is good went a few weeks ago

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