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I joined this crazy place on 2008-11-03, 9 years ago.

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Why are posters allowed to start discussions and call out other posters on them? - 3 years ago

[i]lets be fair was a hateful poster.[/i] you're delusional...

Legalization of Marijuana - 3 years ago

[i]Its all about you JL.[/i] is it about me...what did I tell about myself?... mark...your delusion is showing... btw...the witch more aligns with your beliefs...she should go with ...

Legalization of Marijuana - 3 years ago

"And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light."

Ben Affleck as Batman - 3 years ago

LOL...he can't be batman...he's daredevil...

Legalization of Marijuana - 3 years ago

[i]especially for sick people who could benefit from it's effects[/i] LOL...that's not what this thread was about... all you seem to care about is promoting things that God said not to do...

Legalization of Marijuana - 3 years ago

i'm not the one with the tattooed body and the love of perversion...

which ku'er is the ugliest - 3 years ago

you're predictable...does that mean you're like Pavlov's dogs?

Legalization of Marijuana - 3 years ago

because you couldn't...

Legalization of Marijuana - 3 years ago

[i]I just can't even imagine!!!! [/i] you couldn't hold a candle to my wife...

PC... - 3 years ago

[i] I know that the people who are seriously offended is very small but you can see how calling a team "Redskins" is in bad taste.[/i] bleeding heart liberal...has a problem with a name...but won't...

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