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voice of reason

I joined this crazy place on 2008-09-08, 10 years ago.

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a moderate: noun. someone who is in the middle. not left and not right. this is what this board needs for moderaters. see how the two words come from the same root! there is a reason for this. heaven forbid we get moderation from a moderate.

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***** b * e * t * o ***** - 6 days ago

[i]all texans should be proud. we aim to send another one of our fellow texans to the white house. [/i] that would be cool!

losers unite - 6 days ago

the poor baby can't handle an ounce of criticism. trump's daddy must've been very mean to him when he was growing up. President Trump on Tuesday called George Conway, a prominent conservative l...

white nationalism has become a world wide plague - 7 days ago

[i]That manifesto was[...][/i] you were a good girl/boy listening to kelly anne and reading the whole 4 page manifesto. always the obedient one. to which i add......'Trump is mentioned in the ...

Michelle Obama fabulous! - 94 days ago

i see you're a peach as always, whatcha. michelle dresses beautifully on most days. betcha you aren't great on every. single. day. either.

dow still on a crash course with 1929 - 94 days ago

BREAKING NEWS Stocks fell sharply again. The tech-heavy Nasdaq is down over 20 percent from its peak, entering a bear market, an ominous milestone. Friday, December 21, 2018 4:04 PM EST The Nasdaq ...

Michelle Obama fabulous! - 94 days ago

[i]The outfit was pretty awful, though.. [/i] agreed

Michelle Obama fabulous! - 94 days ago

[i]I never really said anything about her only her outfit. [/i] you said she looks fat.

dow still on a crash course with 1929 - 94 days ago

U.S. stocks suffer worst week in a decade Dow industrials posted their worst week since 2008. The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index and the Dow are on track for their worst Decembers since 1931, duri...

trump's latest lack of mental capacity: syria withdrawal - 94 days ago

[i]I did read it. There is no mention of disgust or animosity. [/i] nah you didn't. you are just a fox parrot as is dvaz.

trump's latest lack of mental capacity: syria withdrawal - 95 days ago

"Mr. Mattis’ departure leaves the Trump administration without one of the few officials viewed as standing between a mercurial president and global tumult." oy

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