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So what do you do in Self Defense? - 3 years ago

The poor girl in the white car couldn't go anywhere because there was a car in front of her. What a bunch of losers.

Melamine Foam - 3 years ago

I buy the Kroger brand and they are amazing! Just be warned, once you clean one area you realize how much other places need it!

Best way to clean laminate flooring - 3 years ago

We used a steam mop on our laminate for 8 years and never had swelling. Guess it depends on the type.

Best way to clean laminate flooring - 3 years ago

I used a steam mop with water only. Worked like a charm!

Just ordered my new t-shirt - 3 years ago

Bbbbbbbwwwwhahaahhaaha! Brilliant!!!!!

Deadpool - 3 years ago

My son is in first grade and he asked to go see it because a boy in his class saw it and loved it. Wtf???

Haven't seen the Peace sign on Kingwood Drive - 3 years ago

Does anyone know the house? I'm sure I can find a man to go put it up! I miss it too.

Favorite movie quote thread - 3 years ago

I don't know why they call this stuff Hamburger Helper. It does just fine by itself.

Humble ISD Early Release nonsense - 3 years ago

What's wrong with a 3 day vacation?

New HEB site - anyone know which retailers / restaurants are going in? - 3 years ago

WHAT? Ridiculous. A bunch of crappy places we already have that I don't use. Torchy's is the only place I will be a patron of - their food is fabulous. Everything else...meh. How sad.

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