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I joined this crazy place on 2007-07-05, 13 years ago.

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Mom of 1, stepmom of 2, wife #2, librarian

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Anyone had any experience w/ Atascocita Montessori? - 13 years ago

I pulled my son out of that school after 2 months. PM me if you want details.

Would you let your child live with their other parent? VENT! - 13 years ago

As a step mom who has been through this (sd lived with mom, begged to live with us, then decided mom's was better) I will tell you that in the state of Texas, a 12-year-old gets a huge say in where th...

Question for you teachers out there - 13 years ago

I agree totally, teachermom. The teacher will never forget that.

Question for you teachers out there - 13 years ago

In Humble there is a "Junk" mail box that most internet based email (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) goes to. The teacher may not check the "Junk" mail box. I would leave a voice mail for the teacher telling h...

Show and Tell with the letter I - 13 years ago

does your kid go to LOG?

Classroom Parent Involvement - 13 years ago

You're right. Not all kids are the same. But if there is nothing developmentally delayed with your child that is a great time to start promoting independence. Once the student is in the building we...

Classroom Parent Involvement - 13 years ago

After the first day it is fine for a Kindergarten to walk alone to class. There are tons of Kindergarteners who not only walk to class alone but ride the bus to school.

Is there such a thing as Joint Legal Custody? - 13 years ago

Clevername -- I agree with you. I do not know even one father who has equal time. Of course, I know plenty of Deadbeats who don't want to see their kids, but I also know a lot who would love to spen...

Is there such a thing as Joint Legal Custody? - 13 years ago

You can have a decree written almost any way you can agree on. My husband has Joint Legal and Physical Custody of his girls. It is called "Joint Conservatorship." He and his ex have EXACTLY the same ...

Accutane.... - 13 years ago

my dermo required proof that you were using TWO forms of birth control...if you get pregnant there is a VERY high rate of deformity in the fetus...

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